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Hi, my name is James Carroll. I'm a web developer based in the North of England. Welcome to, this, my development blog and playground.

I first started developing websites when I was in high school and haven't stopped since. I am lucky enough to have had my hobby morph into my full time job and I am now what is reffered to as a 'full stack' developer. This means that I am proficient in writing both server and client side code.

My day job involves building and maintaining sites written on Microsoft's ASP.NET stack (VB.Net, C#) whilst my personal projects tend to have a distincly more open source flavour to them and focus predominantly on Node JS and PHP based systems running on Linux. Due to this exposure I use the following languages on a day to day basic: C#, VB.NET, PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS.

My development workflow is heavily reliant upon preprocessing and virtualization. I utilise task runners such as Gulp and Grunt to help structure my code in a way that ensures it is maintainable and can be optimized for both development and production environments. All sites that I build are sandboxed in their own development environments though the use of Vagrant managed virtual machines (For reference, I have recently authored an article about setting up such development environments).

I am familiar with a number of version control systems and continuous integration/deployment approaches.

I am a keen advocate of open source software and wherever possible try to make my own code available under non restrictive licenses to help give back to the community. All of my open source releases can now be found in my Bitbucket repository.

If you have any questions, requests or recommendations please don't hesitate to get in touch. You can fire me an email, comment on a post or message me on Twitter.

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